This Terms and Conditions is legally enforceable. Please read all the terms carefully.

Vair Training, provides a list of Self-Guided Training Programs, Customized Products, & Services that offers you the opportunity to invest in yourself and your exam preparation with our materials, our practice, and access to Vair Training products, programs, or services.

The following Terms and Conditions govern the Agreement between any Self-Guided Training Programs, Customized Products, & Services student (“You“) and Vair Training, its successors, assignees, transferees, subsidiaries, parent and associate corporations, affiliates, principals, administrators, directors, officers, board members, agents, employees, contractors, instructors, training coaches and insurers (individually or collectively known as “Vair Training“), with a registered office at Vair Training Office, Brahmanand Marg, Beawar, Rajasthan, India, hereto and entered into this agreement as of the date of your purchase (“Effective Date“) of the Self-Guided Training Programs, customized Products, & Services. By making a transaction and enrolling for our Self-Guided Training Programs, customized Products, & Services. You signify that You have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by this Agreement and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in our instalment policy (the “Instalment Policy”, collectively with this Agreement, the “Terms“). You and Vair Training are each referred to as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”

The term “Training Programs” used in this Agreement refers to the then-current services, course contents and benefits that Vair Training may provide to You as part of Self-Guided Training Programs, customized Products, or Services Program that you purchased. The Training Program may include online education and training from Vair Training and members of Team Vair; opportunities to learn from Vair Training Mentors, Teachers and Coaches through virtual events or webinars; access to online groups and communities; exclusive Training Program bonus materials, or other opportunities.

You acknowledge, agree, and accept that Vair Training may at any time add, remove, amend, or replace any of the services and benefits made available to You as part of the Training Program you purchased, and you agree and accept that such addition, removal, amendment, or replacement will not nullify the legal effect of this Agreement.

You acknowledge, agree, and accept that in addition to this Agreement, Vair Training may set specific terms and conditions, standard operating policies and procedures, community participation guidelines and program graduation or completion requirements that would govern the delivery of the Training Program you purchased. Such terms are incorporated into this Agreement by reference, and you agree to be bound and adhered by such terms and conditions to the extent that you wish to receive the Training Program you purchased.

1.PAYMENT TERMS. You authorize Vair Training to process the credit card information you have provided to Vair Training in the amount set forth on the Agreement for the Training Program on the checkout page or direct invoice(s) from Vair Training payment system or accounting system.
Should NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/Online transfer payment method be used for remitting the Training Program fee, the transfer must be remitted to Vair Training prior to granting access to the Training Program contents.

2.REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION. By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge that You have thoroughly and carefully considered the cost and the value of purchasing the Training Program prior to making this commitment to invest.

Due to the nature of our Training Programs and services, which might include downloadable videos, digital contents and documents, tools, streaming videos, online training portal membership and subscriptions, potential virtual events, and students’ community interactions platforms, and other unless otherwise stated,

3.TERMINATION. Vair Training reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, without notice and without liability by Vair Training to You to terminate Your Training Program registration, disbanding Your access to community or other students’ social media platform, and course materials with no refund, on any of the following grounds:

(a) if You violate the Terms of this Agreement;
(b) if You default, dispute or delinquent with Your payment when due;
(c) if You take screenshots and screen-recording of the encrypted content and share with other community members
(d)if You are sharing and selling content which is purchased by you for your preparation
(e) if You cease to be a member in good standing of any other program offered by Vair Training;
(f) material violation by You of applicable laws; provided that where such violation is of such a nature that it can be cured, such violation shall not constitute cause if it is cured within ten (10) days of You becoming aware of its occurrence; and
(g) in breach of Confidentiality or code of Conduct, which in the opinion of Vair Training is detrimental or embarrassing to Vair Training.
(h) In case we figure out you are copying our content and selling.
(f) In case student is not paying the due payments/instalments and requesting for downgrade in other memberships.

This Agreement shall terminate upon death of the Training Program Registrant